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Burned at the Stake: The Story of the Viennese Witch

The fire went higher and reached Elisabeth Plainacher’s feet. Soon she would go down in history as the only person who had been burnt at the stake in Vienna for performing witchcraft. The Viennese folk gathered to watch the death sentence being carried out.  »Witch!” they shouted. Little did they know that bad luck was […]

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To different times a different theater

Imagine sitting at the Vienna State Opera during a concert, sipping wine, trying out a cigar and eating a Schnitzel. That sounds quite nice, huh? If you close your eyes, you can almost hear people chit chatting around you, and even smell smoke and food around the theater. Now, imagine being the orchestra conductor trying […]

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Viral Talks: a ballerina in Vienna

From the eyes of a tour guide, Vienna is indeed the most beautiful city in the world. But let’s be honest, a tour guide’s perspective might be historically accurate, but it will never be neutral. So, I sat down and realized, that the very best way to find out what makes Vienna so special, is […]

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An unheard-of talent: Nannerl Mozart

Everybody knows Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the most famous composer in the world. But do you also know his sister? Let me introduce you to the musical genius Nannerl Mozart. ⁠ The siblings Actually, her name was Maria Anna Mozart, Nannerl was her nickname, and she was five years older than her famous little brother. When […]

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Is the Danube really blue?

When visiting Vienna, a stroll along the shores of the Danube river is a must. The 2850 km long stream is in fact not only famous for being the second longest European river after the Volga, but also for playing an important role within the urban landscape and social life in Vienna. It is indeed […]